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 "We seek to meet the needs of parents caring for children with disabilities." 

Donate Products

Our "Wish List" consist mainly of items needed for our summer camp; however, some of these items are also used for our monthly Parent Focus Group Meeting and Community Events.

Cleaning & Maintenance

  1. Paper Towels
  2. Liquid Hand Sanitizer
  3. Disinfected Wipes (Clorox, Lysol, etc.)
  4. Tissue (Boxes)
  5. Disinfectant Spray (Clorox, Lysol, etc.)
  6. Air Freshener
  7. Baby Wipes
  8. Sandwich size zip lock bags
  9. Snack size zip lock bags

Individually Wrapped Snacks

  1. Cheez-its
  2. Granola Bars
  3. Fruit Snacks
  4. Animal Crackers
  5. Cookies
  6. Chips
  7. Goldfish Crackers
  8. Pretzels
  9. Trail Mix
  10. Fruit & Apple Sauces Cups
  11. Nutri-Grain Bars
  12. Popcorn


  1. Juice Boxes
  2. Capri Sun Pouches
  3. 12oz Gatorade Bottles
  4. Bottle of Water (child and adult size)

Supplies & Materials

  1. Books (including coloring books)
  2. Board Games (Trouble, Checkers, Candy Land, Sorry, etc.)
  3. Paper Plates
  4. Plastic Cups
  5. Dry Erase Markers
  6. Crayons
  7. Color Markers
  8. Color Pencils
  9. Elmer's Glue
  10. Construction Paper
  11. Stickers
  12. Puzzles